Blueleaf How-to Guide for BL Administrators

Our team has worked hard to make Blueleaf simple to use and intuitive enough to figure out on your own. But we also know that sometimes it's just easier to look something up. While you can always search our growing list of how-to articles in our knowledge base, we thought we'd put together a handy list of everything you need to know to set up and get started with Blueleaf.

Set-up Your Account
This article breaks down how you can personalize Blueleaf and add simple branding elements so your clients know they're using your system. You can add your firm name, create a custom branded Blueleaf web address for clients, and add a picture or logo to represent your firm.

Create Households/Clients: vThis article outlines the step-by-step process for creating new households (a.k.a. clients) on Blueleaf. You can create a household for clients with custodial accounts already on Blueleaf, and create households for clients (or prospects) that only have accounts which are held-away.

Assign Accounts to HouseholdsThis article explains how to assign accounts to existing households or create households from unassigned accounts. It also shows you what to do if an account is assigned to the wrong client by mistake.

Find and View a ClientHere we go over the two main methods advisors can use to find clients on their portal: scrolling or searching with autofill.

How to Invite a Client to BlueleafThis article shows how an advisor can invite a client to Blueleaf through their dashboard. We also demonstrate how you can send an invitation to multiple clients at the same time.

How to Add Accounts That are Held-AwayThis is an article that shows advisors or their clients how to add held-away accounts to the Blueleaf portal.

How to Add Assets ManuallyIn this article, we demonstrate how to manually add asset values and update them via the "Manually-Entered Holdings" menu tab.

How to Demonstrate Blueleaf to Prospective ClientsBlueleaf is a powerful tool to help grow your business. Here's how you can use Blueleaf with prospective clients.

How to create a reportThis article outlines simple steps to creating a client report via the advisor dashboard. We also demonstrate how you can downloaded a report as a PDF file.

Customizing Blueleaf - Reporting, Alerts & Sharing with GroupsThis article covers how to customize Blueleaf reporting and alerts by using the grouping feature.

How to Delete a ClientThis article outlines the step-by-step process of removing a client's accounts and deleting a client.

How to Archive a ClientAn alternative to deleting the client, this article outlines what "archiving" means, and how to do it.

How to Change My Password as an Advisor First, this article covers the situation in which you, as an advisor, are already logged in. We also cover what you should do when you cannot remember your password while attempting to log in.

How to Set Up Transaction AlertsThis article covers how you can use transaction alerts to keep track of major changes in your clients accounts depending on your transaction tolerance.

How to Set Up Allocation AlertsThis article shows the steps to set up allocation alerts to monitor your clients portfolios or asset groups.

How to Add Disclosures and Compliance LanguageHere, we show you how to add your disclosures and compliance language to the platform. Once completed, your disclosures will display on your emails, client logins, and reports.

How to Set Up an Integration with One of our PartnersThis article covers the ways an advisor can share their Blueleaf data with other systems to eliminate re-entering data. First, through our integration partners, then through the use of the Blueleaf API token.

Managing an Office or a Large FirmHere, we show you how to create multiple users, assign clients to users, and bulk householding for setup.

Selecting the "marketing contact" for a clientThe marketing contact determines the branding that is shown on a client's weekly email and reporting, for firms that have multiple "sub-advisors". 



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