Archiving Households

This article will cover how to archive households in Blueleaf.

Archiving a household does the following things:

1. Hides the household from the advisor dashboard and AUM count
2. Removes the household from the API (data will not transfer to partner vendors)
3. The household no longer receives weekly emails, and does not have access to Blueleaf
4. The accounts and all associated data remain in Blueleaf, but the accounts do not receive any future updates.
5. If there are held-away accounts in the household, the connections are cut off and will no longer receive new data.

Here's how you can archive a household:

First, click on Manage Clients in your Blueleaf dashboard. 

Then click on the Assign Clients tab

Next, click the Archive link on the right hand side

To check if a household has access to Blueleaf, scroll over the "?" icon. A black box will display the email address associated with the household.

If you ever need to reverse this change, you can select the "archived" list of clients from the dropdown menu, then click unarchive to bring the household back into view.

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