Branding Your Blueleaf Account

Once you have joined Blueleaf and logged into your Advisor portal, it's time to set up your Blueleaf profile. These steps will help you personalize your portal and make it memorable for your clients. 

To create your firm name, you can log in to your platform and go right up to "Settings". Your firm name and photo will appear on your login page and weekly updates to clients so they see your firm and brand when they interact with Blueleaf. 


Clicking on the "Settings" tab will lead you to the main settings page (below). You will be able to change the name of your company by typing it into the "Practice Name" box.

Here, you can also add a custom web address. This is the web address your clients can use to access their information on Blueleaf. To create and choose your subdomain, scroll down until you reach the box  "Custom Web Address"  Whatever you write in this field will be part of the web address client use to see their information on Blueleaf. 

The subdomain you choose should be simple for clients. The best approach is to choose one that matches your current website. For example, if your website is currently then you may choose to use "truenorthadvisors". Then, clients can use to access their portal. This will make it easier for your clients to remember because it's the same as your main website.

You can also change the image on your Blueleaf homepage. 

Browse your computer to find your logo. If you are in a firm with multiple advisors, it's probably best to choose a firm logo here. If you're a solo advisor, your photo will add a personal touch.

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