Assigning Accounts to Households (a.k.a. Clients)

This article will show you how to assign accounts to clients. 

Once you have authorized Blueleaf to import client account data from your custodian, we still need to ask you to group those accounts together into households. Here's how.

Creating Households from Unassigned Accounts

From your dashboard, go to Settings (linked in in the top menu and choose Clients  from the sidebar. (Here's a direct link.) 

Once on there you'll see two tabs: one for accounts to be assigned, and one for accounts already assigned to households.  If this is the first time you're doing this, all your accounts will appear "unassigned".

To assign the unassigned accounts and create a new household on Blueleaf:
1. Click to select the unassigned accounts.
2. Enter the name of the client/household.
3. Click the "Create Household" button, which will turn blue once you've selected at least one account and named the household.

The accounts will then be moved to the "Client Accounts" tab, associated with the household you just created.

Here's how to add an account to an existing household:

No problem:
1. Select the remaining accounts to assign just as above.
2. In the text field, enter the name of the existing household.  
3. Once you've selected the existing household, the button will change to read "Add Accounts to Household".  Click it!

How do I review the client accounts to make sure everything is assigned correctly?

As described above, from your  Advisor Dashboard, go to  Settings (linked in in the top menu) and choose  Clients & Accounts from the sidebar.  Then click the "Client Accounts" tab.

Here's a  direct link.

An account is assigned to the wrong client -- how do I fix it?

No problem:

1. Go to the Client Accounts tab of the householding page as described above ( direct link).

Then it's just like assigning accounts for the first time, described above:

2. Select the accounts you want to move by clicking on them.
3. Enter the name of the household to which you want to move these accounts.  (It can be a new household or an existing household, and Click the blue button.)

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