How to Invite Clients (or Prospects) to their Blueleaf Households

This article will show you how to invite your clients to Blueleaf.

Selecting a Single Client to Invite

First, click on View Clients from your advisor dashboard.

Then, search for the client you want to invite. You can also filter by invitation status here.

Click the Invite now link to open the invitation window.

From here, there are two options:

  • Preview Email will show you what the email looks like, with your firm logo and name (example below)
  • Send Invitation will send the email to the client


Sending invites to multiple clients

To invite more than one client to Blueleaf at the same time, click on Manage Clients. 

Here, you can select which clients you want to invite and enter their email address.

After that, you can personalize your subject and email that gets sent to the client. Before sending your invitations, you also have the option to preview them by clicking on “Preview Email"

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