How to Invite Clients (or Prospects) to their Blueleaf Households

Selecting a Single Client to Invite

You can find your client’s household from your dashboard by typing in the name of the client in the search box. After you've selected the household, click "settings".

Go to the "client access" section:

Enter an email address and customize the invitation. When you're ready, click "send invitation".

Here is an example of the email invitation that they will see:


B. Sending Invitations to Multiple Clients at the Same Time (old dashboard):

To invite more than one client to Blueleaf, access the main dashboard of your Blueleaf account. Under the “Add a New Client” tab on the left sidebar, click on “Clients to Invite”.

You can go right ahead check off whichever clients you are interested in inviting and enter their primary email addresses through the form that appears.

Then, you can personalize your subject and email. Before sending your invitations, you also have the option to preview them by clicking on “Preview Email Invitation”.

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