Selecting the "marketing contact" for a client

This article applies if your firm has set up multiple "sub-advisors". For details on this process, review the links below:

Creating a "sub-advisor"

Assigning clients to an advisor

The marketing contact determines the branding and contact information that is shown to the client. It affects the following areas in Blueleaf:

  • PDF reports
  • Investment summary email (sent weekly or monthly to the client)
  • Client invitation email
  • Client portal (web log in)
  • Client mobile app


Most client facing features will take the information from the client experience settings. The main firm login and each sub-advisor has their own settings. This means that you can differentiate between multiple advisors or contacts at the firm.


Some reporting will also take information from the profile section. The firm and each sub-advisor also has their own profile settings.

To assign a marketing contact to a client:

First, click on Manage Clients from your advisor dashboard.

Then, click on the Assign Clients tab 

Next, under the "marketing contact" column, select the marketing contact for the client using the dropdown menu.  In the example below, Bill Russell (the sub-advisor) is selected as the marketing contact for George Washington. This means that George Washington will see Bill's picture and profile information in all his reports.


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