How to Create a .pdf (Static) Report

A sigh of relief - with Blueleaf, your quarterly report hassles are gone! You may still choose to send occasional reports to your clients via email or through the mail.

Your first line of defense in simplifying regular static reporting is eliminating it. That's a core concept that Blueleaf enables by making performance available online, on-demand. It's such a good idea that the Wall Street Journal did a piece on one our customers and how she eliminated quarterly reporting. 

Read it here: WSJ Voices: Katie Stokes, on Getting Rid of the Quarterly Report

That said, we know that's not realistic for every client. So, with the click of a button, you can create a simple PDF based report that is ready to send off to your clients.

To create a report through Blueleaf, select your client. Once you have found the appropriate household, click on the Reports tab.

Once on the “Report” tab, you can customize your report. Begin by selecting the "Group" to report on from the dropdown menu on the top left of the large text area.

Next, in the large text area, you can compose a message to your client.

Finally choose the time period by clicking on one of the selections  directly above the text box and click the "Create" button. Your .pdf report will either open in a new window or begin downloading to your desktop depending on your browser settings.

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