How do I delete a client?

You have two options in Blueleaf if you need to remove a household. The first option is to simply "archive" the household and retain all the account data. You can click here to find out more.

The second option is to completely delete the household...

In order to delete a household (client), you must first remove all accounts and manually entered holdings from the household. Below is a list of articles on how to delete each type of account, simply follow the articles that apply to the particular household.

How do I delete a custodial account?

How do I delete a held-away account?

How do I delete a manually entered holding?

Once you have followed the above instructions to remove all accounts from the household, you can now delete the household. (A household cannot be deleted if there are any accounts associated with it.) To delete the household, just follow these steps.

1. Log into Blueleaf and access your "Settings" page. 

2. Click on "Clients & Accounts"

3. Click "assign accounts", then select the "householded" tab


5. Click the options icon next to the client's name

6. Delete the client by clicking "archive".

7. The system will recognize that there are no accounts associated with the client, and it will display a confirmation message. To proceed with the deletion, click "ok".


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