Creating Households (a.k.a. Clients)

This article will show you how to create Households (aka clients)

There are two ways for you to create households on Blueleaf. Which method you use depends on whether you are creating clients who already have accounts on Blueleaf via a custodial feed or if you're creating a household for a client or prospect who does not already have accounts on Blueleaf.

If the client already has a Blueleaf account, select View Accounts on your advisor dashboard.

 From here, click the Assign Accounts tab.


First, select the accounts you'd like to include by clicking the checkbox next to the account, then click on the text box and start typing the preferred name for the household in the search box. Lastly, click the Create New Client button.


Instructions for clients with no Accounts on Blueleaf (or a prospective client):

Click on "Add a New Client" at the top of your dashboard, type the client name, and click "Add". You're done!


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