Managing an Office or a Large Firm by Creating Users

To create an additional user, such as inviting an advisor to the platform, access your dashboard by logging into your Blueleaf account. Then click on “Settings” on the upper right side your screen.

From there, click on “Manage Users” on the left toolbar. Go right ahead and click on “Create New” to invite the user.

From here, you'll have two options for the new user:

  1. Advisor/Assistant: This access should be used if you don't want the user to have access to all clients. Once you create this user, you can assign specifc clients to this user by following the steps here. This user will not be able to assign accounts or manage custodial connections.
  2. Admin: This grants access to all areas of Blueleaf that the firm administrator can see. This user has access to all clients, can assign accounts, and manage custodial connections. 

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