Blueleaf Billing: Guide to Resolving Red Flags

Red flags in Blueleaf Billing indicates if a client needs attention during a billing period. The fee calculations will be unavailable on the client invoices and payment files until you resolve these red flags. If a flag can be ignored for the billing period, you can click "mark as complete" to ignore the red flag. Below are the most common red flags that may appear:

Client is missing a fee schedule

If a client is missing a fee schedule, you can assign them a fee schedule by following the steps here.

An account is missing it's valuation of billable assets

If an account within a household is "missing its valuation of billable assets" this will prevent the fee calculation for the client until you resolve the issue. You can drill down to see the account affected by clicking the ">" icon:

First make sure that Blueleaf Billing is synced with your Blueleaf Dashboard, by completing the steps here.

In some cases, the account may not have billable assets for the prior billing period, or the account is simply not billable. In either case, you can follow the steps here to exclude the account from billing.

You may also choose to terminate or delete the account completely.

If all accounts for a particular client are not billable, you may see this flag pop up, since there are no billable assets for the client.

An account has no payment account assigned

If an account has "no payment account assigned to pay its fee" for a particular client, the first thing to check is if the account has a payment account assigned. You can set up a payment account, by following the steps here.

If the account is not billable, you can follow the step here to exclude the account.

If you do not debit the client's accounts directly for the fee (eg: if they pay their fee separately by check), you can set this up by following the steps here.

An account is missing it's inception valuation

This flag will only appear if you  bill in advance, and you use the opening balance to assess fees for new accounts. 

To resolve the issue, you will need to generate a special "inception fee" by following the steps here.

If the "bill now" option is not available, you may supply an inception value by clicking "edit billable assets"

Client is missing effective rate for the previous billing period

This flag will only appear if you bill in advance, and use deposits/withdrawals in your fee calculations. Blueleaf Billing's  methodology for calculating fee adjustments for cash flows uses the previous period's effective rate. Because new clients don't have an effective rate for the previous billing period, the system will not calculate fee adjustments for those new clients. However, the fee will still be automatically calculated for the full billing period in advance.

To calculate the prorated fee for the partial prior billing period, you have the option to set a "start billing date" by following the steps here.

After you do this, you can verify fee calculations by following the steps here.

If applicable, you can also adjust the fee manually by following the steps here.

After you make any changes, you can click the "mark as complete" option

If you have any questions or encounter any problems while completing these steps, contact us at

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