Setting up Blended Benchmarks

This article will show you how to set up blended benchmarks to use for your client reporting.

Step 1: Set up custom asset classes and assign them to your securities

If you haven't already set up your asset classes in Blueleaf, you'll need to follow the steps in the links below:

Step 2: Customize the benchmark for each asset class

First access the Performance Benchmarks page in settings

Select the "Blended" tab

Then use the drop down boxes to customize the benchmark. A default benchmark has already been selected for each default asset class.

Step 3 (optional): Create an allocation model 

Follow the steps here

Step 4: Set allocation targets for clients

Follow the steps here

Step 5: Enable blended benchmarks for a client

From your advisor dashboard, search for the client to view their client overview. Then click "settings" on the right and select "Benchmarks". Click the checkbox to "show blended benchmarks"

Blended Benchmarks will now be available on all performance reports, whether it's generated in the client portal, or it's generated through a .pdf report.

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