Custom Allocation: editing allocations for a security

Accessing allocation management

To edit or assign an allocation to a security, first access the allocation management page by clicking on View Holdings from your advisor dashboard

Then, click on Allocation Management

On this page, there will be a few filters available for your list of securities:

  • A search box to show the list of securities for a specific client
  • A drop down box to show allocated or unassigned securities and a search box
  • A drop down box to show securities from managed accounts (ie: advisor level data feeds), held-away accounts (client level data feeds) or manual accounts (manually-entered holdings)

Editing an allocation for a single security

To edit the allocation for a single security, click the row in the table

Use the drop down boxes to select an allocation class, and define how much the security is allocated towards the class. If you don't see a category or class that you need in the list, you will need to create a new category/class. Once you have completed your changes, click "allocate".

Editing an allocation for multiple securities

To edit the allocation for multiple securities, select the check box on the right for each security that you want to edit. Then click "edit class".

Then define the allocation for these securities in the same way as you would for a single security.

Accepting allocation suggestions

Some unassigned securities may have an allocation suggestion generated by our system. For these securities, you will have the option to accept the suggestion, or define your own allocation. To accept the suggestion, click the check box on the right next to the securities that apply, then click "accept suggestions".

If you would like to accept all the current allocation suggestions, as well as accept allocation suggestions for new securities in the future, select "yes" for automatically accept suggestions.


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