Custom Allocation: setting allocation targets

This article will show you how to set allocation targets for your clients. 

Selecting the client, account group, or account

From your advisor dashboard navigate to the client overview by searching for a client, then click the "Allocation" tab

Next, use the dropdown box to select either "all accounts", the name of an account group, or a specific account, which you want to apply a target to.

Then, click Adjust Allocation Targets on the right

Applying an allocation model

If you have set up an allocation model, you can apply this model to the selected client or account group by clicking the drop down box next to "allocation model".

After you apply the model, click "save" at the bottom.

Apply a custom target

To apply a custom target, specify the target allocation and tolerance for each asset class. The tolerance will determine when we send an  alert, if the current allocation for the asset class drifts beyond its target.

There are also a couple of options for the custom target. The Portfolio Drift Tolerance will set a tolerance for the entire client or account group selected. To find out more about this measure, click  here. The "default class tolerance" will override any existing tolerances, if you wanted the same tolerance across all asset classes.

After you complete your changes, click Save at the bottom. You will also have the option to create a model, based on this custom set of targets.


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