Custom Allocation: creating categories and classes

An allocation category in Blueleaf is a general grouping for similar securities. By default, Blueleaf defines stock, bond, cash and other as categories. Classes describe the security within a category. For example, a stock may have "domestic" and "large cap" as classes, and a bond may have "municipal" and "corporate" as classes.

Creating allocation categories and classes

1. Click on "View Holdings" from your advisor dashboard. 


2. Click on "Allocation Settings" (you should be on the "Categories" tab), then click "Create New"

3. Define the name of the new category, then click "update"

4. To create a new class, click the "Classes" tab on Allocation Settings, then click "create new"

5. Define the name of the new class, and associate it with an existing category. Then click "update"

Editing allocation classes and categories

To edit an existing class or category, click the buttons on the right

NOTE: You won't be able to delete a default category or class created by our system. These categories and classes are used to suggest allocations, when our system encounters a security that doesn't have a defined allocation.


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