Custom Allocation: creating models for allocation targets

This article will show you how to create a model for allocation targets. A model in Blueleaf is a preset of allocation targets that can be applied to multiple clients or portfolios. 

First, click on view holdings from your advisor dashboard, then click allocation settings.

Select the "Allocation Models" tab, then click "create new" 

For each asset class, specify the target allocation and tolerance. The tolerance will determine when we send an alert, if the current allocation for the asset class drifts beyond its target.

There are also a couple of options for the model at the top. The "alert tolerance" sets the Portfolio Drift Tolerance. To find out more about this setting, click here. The "default class tolerance" will override any existing tolerances, if you wanted the same tolerance across all classes.

After you complete your changes, scroll down and click "save".

Next, you can assign this model to a client or a portfolio. See this article for the detailed steps here.

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