Merging client households

The first step to merging a household is to move the custodial accounts. Custodial accounts, feeding via an advisor level data feed, can be re-assigned to a different household. Any accounts added via a client level data feed, or added manually cannot be re-assigned to a different household; these accounts will have to be deleted and re-added to the new household.

To move the custodial accounts:

1. Click on View Accounts from the advisor dashboard.

2. Make sure you select the Assign Accounts tab and the Householded option:

4. Select the accounts that you want to move. Remember, you can use Ctrl + F or CMD + F to find a client account or name.

5. Begin typing the client's name in the box on the right. This should be the client where you want to move the accounts to. The system will auto-complete the name of any existing client households, and you can select an existing client by clicking the blue box.

6. The button should now say "Add Accounts to Client". Click this button.

The accounts should now be in the merged household.

If the households that you want to merge have the exact same name, it may be hard to determine which household you want to move the accounts to. In this case, you can change the name of one of the households by clicking the tool tip on the right:

Once you move the accounts, you can remove the unused household by archiving it.

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