How do I delete a custodial account?

To remove a custodial (managed) account from Blueleaf:

1. Log into Blueleaf and click on the View Accounts button on the advisor dashboard.

2. Click on the Assign Accounts tab.

3. Select the Householded option. If the account is not currently householded, you can keep the Unassigned option selected.

4. Search for the client household by scrolling through the list or using the search bar, and check the boxes next to the accounts you want to remove. In the text box on the right side of the screen, type Deleted and Unused Accounts. Finally, click Create New Client.

Why can't you completely remove the account?

Custodial accounts tend to update on a direct feed, and some accounts may continue to receive updates from the custodian. Attempting to completely remove the accounts from the system, may result in that account showing up in the unassigned accounts list on the following day. Hence why these accounts are moved to a "Deleted and Unused" household. Don't worry, your Blueleaf subscription will never charge you for this household.

If you want to remove the "Deleted and Unused" household from view, you can archive the household by following the steps here.

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