How to Configure the Header and Cover Page in PDF Reports

Setting up the report header

The header of the PDF report appears on all pages, and contains your logo and firm name. Here's how you can customize the header...

First, go to "settings" from your Blueleaf Dashboard

Then click "Client Experience Settings"

Here you can upload a logo, which will appear in the PDF report, as well as all other client facing features. If you check the box labelled "logo contains firm name", this will exclude the firm name from the report header. This is a good option if the firm name is already part of your logo design.

The color choice selected on this page will also apply to the report header and cover page.

Customizing the cover page

By default our reports will include a cover page, which puts your branding front and center. However, you have some options to further customize this page when creating a custom report.

Start by searching for a household, then click on the Reports tab.

Select "build custom report"

If you haven't created a report template before, you can start from scratch by clicking "create new". If you have an existing report template, you can select it here and modify it.   

One of the report modules available is the "cover page". Click "configure background" to customize the cover page.

On the next screen, you can select from 3 different types of backgrounds:

  • Standard: This is the default background, using a plain color selected from the "Client Experience Settings"
  • Custom: This option allows you to upload a background image
  • Printer Friendly: This option maximizes the amount of white space, in order to save ink for printing

If you choose the "custom background" option, you'll also have the option to crop the image if you click "edit image".

Lastly, you can save the report template for later use by clicking "save template". To generate the report, click "preview & create report".

This report template can also be used across multiple clients, instead of a single client. Below are some articles to help you get started:

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