How to create a performance report including multiple time periods

Through Blueleaf's custom reporting feature, you can generate a report to compare performance returns for up to 4 different time periods. Below is an example of what it'll look like.


  1. Start by searching for a household, then click on the Reports tab.  
  2. Select "Build custom report"
  3. If you haven't created a report template before, you can start from scratch by clicking "create new". If you have an existing report template, you can select it here and modify it.     
  4. To create a performance report with multiple time periods, you'll want to use the "multi-period performance" module. You can also drag and drop other report modules as you see fit. To see what the report module looks like, click "preview".  
  5. Next, click "configure date ranges" to set up the dates that you want to report on  
  6. The table header in the report will indicate the date range. You can customize the label for each date range, for example "Q2 2022" instead of displaying the dates "04/01/22 - 06/30/22"  
  7. Lastly, you can save the report template for later use by clicking "save template". To generate the report, click "preview & create report".


It's also easy to generate this report across multiple clients, instead of a single client. Below are some articles to help you get started:


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