Customizing Blueleaf with Groups

What is a Group on Blueleaf?

​A group is just a collection of accounts that can be used across features in Blueleaf.


Why use a Group?

There are many features on Blueleaf where being able to view some but not all household accounts is very useful. In the client portal you may want to view a subset of accounts for performance, as an advisor you may want to create a report or set up allocation alerts for only the accounts you manage, and a client may want to control which accounts they share with their accountants or attorneys.

All of those features can be controlled and customized by Group. 


How do I create a Group?

To create a "group" go to your Blueleaf portal.

Advisors: To accomplish this, first navigate to your client's portal via the "Detailed Reports & Client Portal" link in the client overview on your dashboard.

To access group settings, click on the "Edit" button to the far left of the client portal:

Here's how you edit a group.

  1. To edit the Group name, type in the white box at the top of the Group block. This name is what will show up in the client portal and throughout the application.
  2. Select the accounts to include by clicking the checkbox to the left of each account you'd like to include.
  3. Click "Save" at the bottom of the group block.

If you don't have any unused groups left to edit, you may create a group by clicking "New Group" at the top of the page and following the same steps as above.

Remember an account may be in as many different groups as you need to customize Blueleaf in the way you want..

Happy #Blueleafing!

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