Blueleaf Billing: Calculating a Fee Before Quarter/Month End

This article covers how to calculate a fee for a partial billing period, if you prefer to bill clients before the end of the month/quarter. This only applies to advisors who bill in advance. If you only bill clients at the end of the month/quarter, but you still want to calculate a prorated fee, follow the guide here.

1.  Click on the "Fees" tab

2.  Scroll over the pencil icon next to the household name, select "View Client Details", then select "Bill Now" for the client.

3. Click the field to right of the Calendar Icon for the new account, and select the date you want the prorated billing to begin on. This will only work if there is an account balance in Blueleaf for that date. Once the date is selected, press "Sync Assets"

4. Click "Create Fee" in the bottom left, this will apply the prorated fee to the household for the current billing period. You can then run Invoices and a Payments File for the account as you normally would.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems while completing these steps, contact us at

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