BAA AccountView: Adding New Accounts

If you've opened new accounts at your custodian (and data is provided by BAA), follow these steps to bring in new accounts into Blueleaf.

  1. Go to your Blueleaf settings page
  2. Click "custodians"
  3. Click "manage connection"
  4. Go to the "credentials" tab
  5. Find the custodian where there's new accounts, use the checkbox to select the custodian, then click "add accounts"
  6. BAA will automatically search the institution for your new accounts, and report back with the results
  7. After this is complete, click "save and aggregate" at the bottom
  8. Next, go back to the browser tab where you are logged into Blueleaf, and click "sync accounts". Your client accounts will be added to Blueleaf's "unassigned accounts" list, where you can assign accounts to a household.
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