BAA AccountView: Adding a New Custodian

If you're interested in adding a new custodian, please review our core custodians list first, since we may be able to provide a direct data feed between Blueleaf and the institution.

If the institution is not included in our core custodians list, we may be able to bring in data through a third party data provider. Blueleaf uses ByAllAccounts (BAA) to connect to thousands of financial institutions at the advisor level. Please contact to enable access to BAA.

After you are set up by our support team, you can follow the steps below to add the custodian:

  1. Go to your Blueleaf settings page
  2. Click "custodians"
  3. Click "add new custodian"
  4. Go to the "credentials" tab
  5. Click "create credential"
  6. Search for the financial institution that you want to add. Click the image below to see more details about this step.
  7. Enter the information required to log into the institution. The exact requirements will vary depending on the institution. Some may require only username/password, whilst others may prompt for MFA or may redirect you to the institution website.
  8. After the process is successful, click "save and close" at the bottom.

Adding new accounts

After adding the "credential", you can now bring in all your client accounts at the institution. 

  1. Back on the "credentials" tab, select the credential you added and click "add accounts"
  2. BAA will automatically search the institution for your client's accounts, and report back with the results
  3. After this is complete, click "save and aggregate" at the bottom
  4. Next, go back to the browser tab where you are logged into Blueleaf, and click "sync accounts". Your client accounts will be added to Blueleaf's "unassigned accounts" list, where you can assign accounts to a household.


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