Mobile App Settings

How do I customize the settings for the client mobile app?

To customize mobile app settings follow these steps.  Be sure to scroll through the entire article to see all the ways you can customize the mobile experience for your clients.

If there are multiple advisors set up on Blueleaf be sure to read up on the marketing contact setting, which will determine whose profile the client will see in the mobile app.

First, from your Blueleaf dashboard go to settings in Blueleaf on your laptop or computer (not the mobile app)

Next, select Client Experience Settings from the list on the left of your screen.

Here you can upload or change your logo and select the background color your clients will see on their mobile app.

You also upload or change your photo and contact information displayed on the mobile app.

Include a calendar link and ways you prefer to be contacted by clients.  You can also update the welcome message your clients see when they open their mobile app. This is a great place to post updated office hours during holidays or when you are on vacation.

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