Report Center: Personalize Your Intro Message

Blueleaf's Report Center allows you to customize the layout of your PDF reports, generate a preview of the report across multiple clients, as well as sending the reports through document sharing. You can access the report center by clicking "reports" at the top of the dashboard.

Creating a personalized message


1. The intro message module can be customized for different clients to have a personal greeting. By default the client's report will use the standard message, meaning the report will use the message saved when creating a report template. To personalize the message for the client, click "standard".


2. Enter your personalized message for the client, then click "save message".


3. Now your client's reports will use the personalized message you created.

* Note: the message will not display if the report template doesn't include an intro message module


4. You can edit or remove the personalized message at any time by clicking the "personalized" link. If you remove the personalized message, the reports will revert back to using the standard message.


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