Is my account up to date?

This article will show you how to find out if an account is up to date in Blueleaf.

In general, Blueleaf will update in the morning following each trading day. Blueleaf will import balances and transactions as of yesterday's market close. The majority of accounts are updated before 12 noon Eastern time, although exact update times may vary depending on the connection. 

First, navigate to the My Money page in your client portal. Then, look at the account in the list on the left hand side.

When you hover over the account name, a black box will appear showing the date the most recent balance is "as of". If it displays yesterday's date, this means that your account has updated today with information from yesterday's close.

On a regular week Blueleaf will run updates between Tuesday and Saturday, to bring in data for each weekday. We do not update after non-trading days, which includes market holidays. Transactions that occur over the weekend are typically brought in on Tuesday (following the first trading day of the week).

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