"Config." error status when adding accounts to Blueleaf

If you're adding a held-away account to Blueleaf, and you get a message "Your brokerage requires you to follow specific instructions in order to sync your account" , it generally means that you must make a change on the financial institution's website in order for the sync to proceed.

After clicking the failed connection, the message below is an example of what you might see. Sometimes there will be specific instructions on what you need to do. Otherwise, follow the instructions in this article to troubleshoot the issue.

Step 1: Log in directly to the institution's website

After logging in there will typically be a prompt from the website, which will ask you to complete an action.  You may need to agree to new terms and conditions, set a new preference or even update contact information. After you complete the requested action, or if you log in and there isn't any prompts, go to the next step.

Step 2: Log into Blueleaf

3. Click "accounts" on the left

4. Click "visit institution site" next to the failed connection

5. If you've already visited your institution's website, click the "diagnostic" link at the bottom left. 

There will be a pop up, on this click the yellow button that says Config

Then click the blue button that says Retry Sync.

I tried all of the above, and it didn't work

No problem, contact us at vipsupport@blueleaf.com and provide details on which institution you are having difficulty adding. In your email, please provide the web address (URL) of the page where you can log into the institution directly (i.e: the page you went to in step 1).
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