Questions error status when adding accounts to Blueleaf

If you're adding a held-away account to Blueleaf, the institution you are trying to connect to might ask for some answers to some security questions. If you're able to log into the institution to view the questions and answers you set up with them, it might help to review this before completing the process. Otherwise, please follow the steps below to troubleshoot the issue. 

Step 1: Log into Blueleaf

2. Click "accounts" on the left

3. Click "answer security questions" next to the failed connection

4. Enter the answer to the question(s) prompted, then click "submit"

Important note:  Some institutions have 3, 4, 5 or more security questions. Which means this may happen until each of the security questions are asked and answered so our system remembers the answers and doesn't need to bother you any more. Depending on the institution, some connections will allow you to enter the answers to all security questions in one go, but some connections might prompt for the security questions individually. Please be patient during this process.

I tried all of the above, and it didn't work

No problem, contact us at and provide details on which institution you are having difficulty adding. In your email, please provide the web address (URL) of the page where you can log into the institution directly.
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