Closing an account on Blueleaf

This article will show you how to close an account on Blueleaf.

Start by clicking the View Accounts button on the advisor dashboard.

After clicking the View Accounts button, select the Assign Accounts tab.

Find the account under Unassigned or Assigned accounts either by scrolling or using your Browser's Find feature. For most Browsers this is accessed by typing CTRL-F or CMD-F . Click on the Close button to enter the closing date.

You can enter the closing date manually by clicking on the date in the text box that appears or you can click the black down arrow to open a calendar to choose the closing date. Click on Close to apply and save changes. This will create a $0 balance and an appropriate withdrawal transaction for performance reasons. 

The reason you need to close the account on Blueleaf is that most custodians simply stop sending data rather than tell Blueleaf the account has been closed.

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