Blueleaf Billing: Adding Clients to a "Family"

A "family" in Blueleaf Billing will combine multiple households, so that they benefit from the same fee schedule. This is particularly helpful if you bill using a tiered fee schedule, and have multiple households whose AUM contributes towards that tier.

1. Go to the clients tab

2. Scroll over the pencil icon for one of the households that you want to add to the family. Then click "add to family".

3. Enter the name of the family under "new family name". Use the text box under "add more clients to family" to search for other households that should be added to the family. Then click "add" on the right to add the household to the family. After you finish your changes, click save at the bottom.

When you return to the clients tab, you should see that both households are under the family you created. Each household will get their own invoice.

On the client's invoice, you should see that a "family rate" is now applied, which includes the accounts aggregated under all households within the family.

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