Blueleaf and Portfolio Accounting/Management Systems

We get lots of questions about how Blueleaf relates to traditional portfolio accounting systems.

Some of our advisors have replaced their PM system with Blueleaf and some run us together. It all depends on what you're trying to accomplish.

Blueleaf is a very simple to operate client reporting and portfolio monitoring system. As such we do some of the same things that portfolio accounting systems do. We create client facing performance and asset reporting via our client portal that allows clients live access to up-to-date information whenever they would like, without waiting for their advisor to create a report.

The information is simple and perfect for clients. It's also great for advisors who want to have comprehensive live information on ALL their client's assets: custodial, held-away, offline/manual in one place with active monitoring. In these cases we often replace existing/legacy portfolio accounting systems.

However, when an advisor is a more active manager and uses the portfolio management system as an analytical tool to support trading strategies, create rebalancing calculations or support straight-thru-processing, Blueleaf is typically run in parallel with other systems.


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