Setting up separate logins for spouses etc. (Secure Sharing)

This article will go over how to create a separate login to share some or all of your accounts with securely. This can be used to set up an account for a spouse, family member, or advisor for example. They'll get their own Blueleaf login and will see ONLY what  you choose to share.

First, click on the gear icon link on the right side of your Blueleaf account.

Then select "Sharing" on the right hand side.

Next, select the type of person you're sharing with

Enter their email address and select which group(s) of accounts you'd like to share with them, then click Share. If you'd like the person to receive the weekly email update, you'll need to select "Manager Privileges" just below "What would you like to share?" If you select "Spouse or partner" manager is selected automatically. 

Select what to share and with who

They'll receive an invitation to create their own Blueleaf account and will be able to see the accounts you've chosen to share with them.

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