Blueleaf Billing: Downloading a .csv File for your Custodian

The Payments tab provides a .csv output that you can send to your custodian, so that you can debit the fees from the accounts.

To generate the .csv file:

1. Go to the Payments tab

2. If you bill at multiple custodians, you can select the drop-down box to select which custodian you want to generate a .csv file for.

3. To customize the output, click the "customize" link on the right

4. A screen will pop up with some options on configuring the .csv file. Most custodians simply require one column for the "payment account number" and one column for the fee on that account, like the example below. The preview section will display what the .csv file will look like.

If you bill accounts at TD Ameritrade, you will also need to select the option for "monthly/quarterly indicator", like the example below.

Once you have configured the file, click "save". 

5. You will want to click on the checkbox next to Status in order to include all clients in the export. If you only want to include some clients in the export file then you can click on the checkbox next to the particular client's name you want to include.

6. Next, click the "export" option

This will generate a download link to the .csv file that you configured. Click the link to save the file to your computer

If you have any questions or encounter any problems while completing these steps, contact us at

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