Archiving Blueleaf communications for compliance purposes

Many advisors have a policy of archiving their client communications for compliance purposes.  If you're one of them, Blueleaf makes it easy for you to capture the communications you send via Blueleaf in the same way.
In your Blueleaf Settings, click Compliance on the left. On this page, you'll be able to set a BCC email address. All emails Blueleaf sends to clients on your behalf -- e.g. invitations, messages, automated account updates -- will also be sent to this email address, just like Bcc'ing any other email you send.
Do you use a software-based compliance system? 
It'll have an email address to which you can send emails for archiving. 
Want a copy sent to your own email account?
Enter your email address as the address for your compliance archive.
Want to send copies to multiple addresses?
You can enter multiple email addresses in this setting, just separate them by commas.
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