Blueleaf Billing: Customizing and Downloading Client Invoices

This article covers the general steps for customizing and generating client invoices in Blueleaf Billing.

Customizing Invoices

1. Select the "invoices" tab 

2. Select "Customize Invoice" on the right

3. Select "Upload Logo" on the screen that pops out from the right

4. Enter your firm's address in the text box underneath "Firm Address"

5. Click the plus sign next to "Payment Instructions", "Notes" and "Page Footer" to enter text for these

6. Press "Save" to save your changes

Downloading Client Invoices

Downloading Client Invoices must be done after all error flags have been cleared on the "Fees" page. If an account has a red flag next to it, the invoice will not be generated for that client.

1. Select the "invoices" tab 

2. (Optional) Click on the green or black rectangle next to a client name to preview that client's invoice

3. Select the checkbox next to "Status" in order to include all clients in the export. If you only want to include some clients in the export file then you can click on the checkbox next to the particular client's name you want to include.

4. Click on the "Export PDF" Button. This will generate a link to a .zip file that contains individual PDF files for all clients, except the clients you excluded in step 3.

5. To download the .zip file, click on the download link

6. Click the "client portal" button to upload the invoices to Blueleaf's document sharing folders.

- This process may take several minutes to complete.

- If document sharing alerts are set up, your client will get an email notification when the invoice is uploaded.

- Our system will prevent the upload of duplicate invoices from the same billing period. If you want to replace an existing invoice in the Blueleaf portal, you must first delete the old invoice.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems while completing these steps, contact us at

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