Privacy Mode

Privacy Mode is an advisor focused feature that allows you to hide potentially sensitive information, such as your A.U.M., number of accounts or clients, etc on your home page. This can be used in client meetings to share Blueleaf's information without compromising your info. You'll find a video tutorial below, followed by a written walkthrough of this feature!

Step 1: To turn on Privacy Mode, click the "no" button next to Privacy on your dashboard as shown below. This locks your Blueleaf so your digital waiting room appears and all firm data is hidden.

Step 2: Use the "search clients" textbox to search for the client you are meeting with. Now you can navigate anywhere on Blueleaf from the advisor tools to the client portal and only be able to display data for the client you selected. Conduct your meeting with the peace of mind of knowing you can't accidentally show this client someone else's information.

Configuring Privacy Mode

Step 1: Go to settings

Step 2: Select "Privacy" from the list on the left.

Step 3: Upload a personal picture of yourself. This is meant to be a casual photo to remind clients of the person they hired. Remember, clients hire people, not advisors so if you like to fly fish, post a picture of you in your waders holding a prize rainbow trout, if golf is more your speed, add a picture of you smiling during a recent round.

Step 4: Post a short blurb about yourself and the things you enjoy. This is about you the person not about the plans you create or the portfolios you build.

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