BAA AccountView: How to Update Credentials

If your client accounts have stopped updating from a particular custodian (and data is provided by BAA), you may need to update your credentials or go through an MFA process. 

  1. Go to your Blueleaf settings page
  2. Click "custodians"
  3. Click "manage connection"
  4. Go to the "credentials" tab
  5. The easiest way to find custodians that need updates is by clicking "credentials needing edits". However, you can also complete the same steps from the "all credentials" tab.
  6. Use the checkbox to select the custodian, then click "edit credential"
  7. This step will vary, depending on what's required by the institution. You may need to simply update the password used for logging into the institution, or you may need to go through an MFA process to authorize BAA to access the website. Follow the instructions provided in the window.
  8. After credential verification is successful, click "save and aggregate" at the bottom
  9. You should see updated data in Blueleaf within the next few hours.


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