Display Individual Benchmarks on Client Reports

To display individual benchmarks (like the S&P 500) on client reports and in the client portal, start by clicking Manage Clients on the advisor dashboard

Then click on Client Portal Settings


Assign benchmarks to all clients

If you want all clients to see the same benchmarks on their reports, click on Global Benchmark Settings

Next, select up to 3 benchmarks to display in all reports, using the drop down menu

Then click Apply Benchmarks to save changes


Customize benchmarks for individual clients

You can also assign benchmarks to each client, in order to customize which benchmarks they see in their reports. Benchmarks selected here override the global benchmark settings.

To start, click Manage or Assign in your client portal settings (clients will show "manage" if they have an existing benchmark setting)

Next, select up to 3 benchmarks to display in the client's report, using the drop down menu

Then click  Apply Benchmarks to save changes

Please note, Benchmark data for ETFs represents the "total return" for the ETF, which includes the effect of dividends, splits, etc.

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