Manually closing held-away accounts

When an account results in a zero balance, our data provider will stop sending us data on the account and the last available balance before the account hits zero remains in Blueleaf. Since the last available balance remains in Blueleaf, you need to manually close the account to reflect a zero balance and create an appropriate withdrawal transaction for performance reasons. 

1. If you are an advisor, click the "detailed reports & client portal" link for the client. For anyone else, proceed to step 2.

2.  Click "Add Connection" on the left.  

3. Click "Edit details" to open the account details of the account you wish to close.   

4. To close the account, click on the “Close Account” link. 

5. Once you select “Close Account”, you will need to enter the date the account closed. Then this will create a $0 balance and an appropriate withdrawal transaction for performance reasons. 

Please reach out to if you run into any issues or have any questions about manually closing these held-away connections.

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