Submitting a temporary security PIN/code from institution into connection on Blueleaf

If you're adding a held-away account to Blueleaf, the institution you are trying to connect to might ask for you to complete the authentication process (sometimes in addition to entering your login credentials) by submitting a one-time security code or PIN sent from the institution. If you are not familiar with your preferred delivery methods to receive the temporary PIN or one-time security code at, please log into the institution site directly to confirm your settings around this. Please follow the steps below to submit the temporary security PIN/code:

Step 1: Log into Blueleaf

2. Click "accounts" on the left

3a. Click "answer security questions" next to the failed connection

3b. (OPTIONAL IF APPLICABLE) A yellow banner may display after you successfully log into Blueleaf stating “Click here to answer security questions so we can load your most recent transactions”. You can hit your cursor on “Click here” in the banner in order to redirect to the exact connection prompting for the action to be completed.

4. You will be redirected to the screen below by following the instructions in Step 3a or Step 3b.

5. Choose your preferred delivery method from the drop-down menu. The delivery method options that are displayed in the drop-down menu will depend on the delivery method options you have listed specifically under your account. You can click on your preferred method of delivery, and then click on the “Submit” button to begin the process.

6. After completing the instructions in step 5, you should receive a one-time temporary PIN or security code to your preferred delivery method from your financial institution that you can enter into the box. Please note this could take several minutes to receive. You will want to click on the “Submit” button to enter the one-time temporary PIN or security code you received.

7. After entering and submitting the one-time temporary PIN/security code, your connection on Blueleaf may go into a temporary connecting status, but should eventually sync back to a good status. 

I tried all of the above, and it didn't work

No problem, contact us at and provide details on which institution you are having difficulty adding. In your email, please provide the web address (URL) of the page where you can log into the institution directly.

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