Changing a client name

This article will show you how to change a client's name in Blueleaf 

From the client's preferences section:

First, search for the client from your advisor dashboard and click on "Detailed Reports & Client Portal" 

Then, click preferences on the left.

Here you can change the first, last and full name, then click "update" at the bottom.

Firm admins only: 

Start by clicking the View Accounts button on the advisor dashboard.

After clicking the View Accounts button, select the Assign Accounts tab.

Once you are on the Assign Accounts page, select Householded to see the list of active households. To edit the name of the existing household, click on the pencil icon button.

After selecting the pencil icon button, a pop-up screen will appear where you can edit the full name, first name, and last name of the household. To save these changes, click the orange checkbox button.

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