How to send a performance report with a simple link

We've made it simple to send your client a performance report, using a secure Blueleaf link. It works around using the URL listed below:

If you are signed out of Blueleaf, clicking this link will direct you to the Blueleaf sign in page. After signing in, if you are an advisor, it'll direct you to a performance report in your advisor's personal assets. If you sign in as a client, it'll direct you to a performance report in the client portal. 

The link we provided above is for the Q4 2016 reporting period (10/01/2016 - 12/31/2016). You should notice that these dates are embedded in the URL after "start_date=" and "end_date=", in the format MM_DD_YYYY. Changing these values will change the reporting period that you see after you click the link. For example, to change from Q3 2016 and Q1 2016:

Need to send this to a client? Simply include the link in an email. After they click the link, they will see the performance report for the date range you specified in the URL. This link will work for all clients. When the client logs in using this link, this will be tracked on the activity page. Unlike a printed or static performance report, you'll be able to see if the client is engaging and viewing the performance report.

Coming soon: how to send this link to all clients from the Blueleaf Dashboard...

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