Adding a phone number to Blueleaf

If your firm is enabled for Wealthguard, adding a cell phone number will ensure you receive available Wealthguard alerts.

For an advisor:

1. Go to settings

2. Under profile, you have three options:
- Mobile phone: This is where the Wealthguard summary SMS will be sent for advisors
- Office phone: This gives you an option to include your office phone number on client reports
Wealthguard callback number: This number will appear in the SMS sent to clients as a number they can contact for further questions

3. Once you complete your changes, click "save" at the bottom

For a client:
1.  (Just for advisors; everyone else can skip to #2.)
Log into your dashboard and search for the client's record from the client list then click on "Detailed Reports & Client Portal". 
2. Click the "Preferences" link on the left-hand sidebar.

3. Enter your mobile phone number, then click "update"

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