Wealthguard: activating an account

To activate an account for Wealthguard:

1. From your Wealthguard dashboard, make sure the "account" view is selected, as well as the "all" option

2. Search for the client, using the search bar on the right. Then click the checkbox under the "active" column to activate an account for Wealthguard.

3. Next, click the drop down box under the " model" column to select an existing model that was either created by the firm administrator, or that you created yourself.

4. If you want to create a custom model that applies only to that account, click on the percentage thresholds under the "review" and "alert columns to set a custom model. 

5. When you're done, make sure to click "save changes"

Why can't I edit a model for this account?

There are certain restrictions in place to determine who can edit a model for a particular type of account:

1. Only the firm administrator has control over the threshold models for custodial accounts

2. If you were given access to Blueleaf by a firm administrator and set up as a "sub-advisor", you will be able to edit threshold models for held-away accounts. You must also be set up as the "marketing contact" in order to edit the thresholds. If you are not set up as the marketing contact for a particular client, you must contact your firm administrator to make this change.
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