Changing the name and type of an account, as an advisor

There are two ways to change an account's name.

From the advisor dashboard:

1. Navigate to the client, using the search box

2. On the accounts tab, click the name of the account you want to edit

3. Change the name of the account, then click outside of the text box to save your changes.

4. To change the type of the account, click the drop down box under the "account type" column

Firm admins only:

For accounts that you manage, you can change the account name under Settings in your advisor dashboard.

1. Go to Settings

2. Click "Client & Accounts"

3. Make sure you are on the "assign accounts" and "householded" tab

4. Find the account you want to edit (If it's a long list CTRL+F or CMD+F in your browser works magic).

5. Click on the pencil icon, edit the name, then click save.

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